Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bowling for the Grownups

One of my closest friends left today to move back to Ecuador (I’m devastated). For her last night we wanted to get everyone together for one last hoorah. The original plan was to meet for dinner and then head over to Boogies. Plans, of course, changed. At the last minute, a friend suggested we check out Splitsville at Sunset Place. Wednesday nights ladies enjoy free champagne from 8-9 and I admit that this was the deciding factor in our change of plans. What a great idea it was to go. I loved this place. It definitely isn’t the bowling alley I grew up going to.
Their concept: “luxury lanes and dinner lounge.” They offer a dinner menu that offers everything from sushi to filet mignon, as well as a full bar conveniently located in the center of all the action. We didn’t have dinner, but we did enjoy the free champagne. Once there, I couldn’t resist the urge to bowl. My friend and I laced up our rental shoes and gave it our all; it wasn’t pretty, but it was fun. I found the prices to be fair. It was $6 for the each of us for one game and $3 each for shoe rentals. We played for about 30 minutes, and I couldn’t have lasted any longer
After 8 p.m. you must be 21 to get in. This is great because you don’t have to worry about having a bunch of teenagers running around that usually storm Sunset Place on the weekends. It offers everything for a fun night with a group of friends. I’m already looking forward to going again very soon.

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